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We are a full service, one-stop-shop, events company.

We offer a variety of services that include Birthday Celebrations, Christening Parties, Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Holiday Parties, Weddings, Play dates, Day Cares, School Events and more...

Our staff provides a variety of activities to make this day extra special. We tailor all parties to your specifications and needs. We stay up-to-date with the trends and deliver to your child the most popular and modern characters. We love to meet the needs of our children. Our performers always know how to set the tone and will deliver their best to ensure your child is just constantly wow’ed all day long! Most importantly we bring imagination, adventures, happiness and fun!

We’ve got your music, singing, dancing, games, magic shows, professional face painting, balloon twisting, enchanted stories, Petting zoos, Ponies, miniture unicorns, Puppet shows, Bubbles Shows, Treasure Hunts, Dress Up, Princess Tea Parties, Magicians, Popcorn and Cotton Candy Carts and more! We bring all of our own props to make your party an especially unique experience, one that your child will never forget. It will be the party of the year!

All we wish to do is make magic! Our goal is to make your event successful and enjoyable while you create wondrous memories for your child. Allow us to take part in ushering an enchanted environment with commitment, dedication and love! We do our best, love what we do, and have a ball at it! We love making children’s fantasies come to life!

Parties book fast, so let us know your plans at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date of your party. We are eager to hear from you and to co-create an entertaining and fantastical experience. You won’t be disappointed when your child’s eyes widen as they meet that Superhero or that Princess for the first time! Let the magical party begin! Your Magical Party!

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  • Email: info@yourmagicalparty.com

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We service Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas. Travel costs will be added for distance travelling.
Elizabeth Sheldon Martin

About Elizabeth

I'm an entrepreneur, actor, dancer, wife and mother. I love making people happy from excited brides to your restless children, I try to make something special out of every party. Travelling through, America, the Middle East, and Asia as a performer, I learned from the best what hard work and diligence to our craft looks like. I created your magical party 14 years ago pulling from my experience in the entertainment industry because I believed that there was an absence of options for high quality entertainment at every day parties.

I require our costumes to be one of a kind because of my time in the fashion industry. I take the time to pick each fabric and have my design team hand sew each stitch. I'm so very passionate about the quality of my costumes and my performers. I want something magical for my parties, and I'm sure you do too. I didn't want an average wedding for myself; I wanted something special that doesn't cost a special price. A wedding should be more than a formality to last forever, it needs to be magical. That is why I created Your Magical Party...to be truly magical for the people who want a more than just an average party. Come be a part of our magical family.

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