Laser Tag

Price : $550.00 / 2.0 hrs

What we will do at your party

Every young child loves our laser tag setup. They are always very excited to run around and explore the game in their own way. We setup obstacles, tunnels, laser orb targets and set you children out on a quest. There are various games that we try to engage your kids in depending upon their age.

Laser tag is a zero impact game. The object for the child is to shoot at the other teams markers (guns) and course orb targets. When a marker shoots an orb target, the target changes the color of their team. When their marker (gun) is shot too many time from the game play their gun stops working and the attendant will help them replenish their marker life.

Our laser course is managed by an attendant to help your children use the marker (gun) correctly and lead games depending upon activity and age group.

Pair our laser tag course with your star wars themed party for added fun. Our star force characters can make a lasting memory on your children as they are taken through force training and end in an epic laser fight with the dark lord himself!

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