Little Kid Animal Rides

Price : $475.00 / 1.5 hrs

What we will do at your party

They'll have fun for hours. You've seen them in malls around Los Angeles, now have them exclusively at your party. We have different sizes for different ages. 

We have two different kinds of animal rides. Big Kid and Little Kid animal rides. Each kind comes with 6 animal rides to be shared among the participants.

Big Kid animal rides do not have a motor that slows down the ride, this is why it is able to go faster, but the child will need to be able to reach the ground to stop the ride. They will need to be about 42' inches tall. 

Our little kid rides are great for almost any age where the child has the ability to push a button in the handle and steer themselves. While the animal is slower kids still have a blast with each other. Animal rides are a hit at the various day cares and preschools that we service!

Parents can ride on our Big kid rides with their younger children, but cannot ride on our smaller little kid rides (the added weight will break the motors and bend the lighter frames).

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